Smoothie Time!

Did you know the average person puts on 10 pounds between thanksgiving and Christmas, and it takes them 5 months to lose the weight! We’re starting the day after thanksgiving with this nutrient dense green smoothie! handful of spinach handful of baby kale 1 frozen peach dash cinnamon little grated ginger […]

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Follow Friday: Boogalu Baby

Who: Boogalu Baby offers fun, fashionable and safe teething jewelry for parents and babies that is designed in Toronto. Why we love them: These 100% food grade silicone necklaces can jazz up any outfit and are safe to chew on (by your baby of course!). Stick them in the freezer for extra […]


Another PA Day!

PA days have taken a whole new meaning since my kids started school. I’m excited for the kids but I dread it for myself. Thankfully I’m resourceful and at any given time I have a long list of events, playgrounds, pools and activities all stored in my head and ready […]