Photo of a tin of Charlotte's Bum Butter for Newborns on a beige knit wool blanket open and revealing the whipped, silky smooth butter inside.

Friday Give-Away with Charlotte’s Bum Butter

Check out our newest give-away on Instagram! Just 2 easy steps to win…
1. Follow @thebumptobabyshow + @charlottesbumbutter
2. Tag 2 friends!
That’s it.
Winner will be shared on this post on Monday night.
Good luck. xx
Charlottes bum butter is an amazing cloth diaper safe butter, that melts on contact with skin, absorbs fast and leaves a light fatty layer to protect. This butter is also great to soften cradle cap and remove it, as a body butter for baby and mama and as a nipple butter for nursing moms.
Made of certified organic raw butters and extra virgin, cold pressed oils, packed full of fatty acids, vitamins, proteins and enzymes, building blocks for healthy new skin. We use only certified organic ingredients of food grade quality to make our butters right here in Toronto. There are no synthetic ingredients or preservatives used and it is so pure you could eat it!

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