It Takes a Village with Sarit Schonberg

It Takes a Village with Sarit Schonberg

Handle: Sarit Schonberg

Day Job: cook, baker, chauffeur, cleaner, coach, tutor, artist, …. you name it, I do it all.

Offspring: 5 kids, 9,12,14,16 and 17 years.

What is the cliffs notes version of your birth story? I am blessed with 5 wonderful kids, each one with their own unique birth story. My first birth was very long and had me worried. I had been lying down on my bed and talking to my sister-in-law on the phone  when all of a sudden I felt my water broke. I was shocked, I still had a week and a half to go and I had felt no contractions yet. I called my labour coach and we went to the hospital where a very long night began.  Contractions started to move along and then after a few hours instead of becoming quicker they slowed down.  Suddenly I started to feel really cold, I was shaking, feverish and I even threw up.  My labour coach was amazing and really pulled me through with breathing exercises and extra blankets and support.  After almost 23 hours and no epidural I gave birth to a beautiful, healthy baby boy. My fever subsided and thankfully we were all okay.

How do you practice self care? I practice self care by giving myself alone time everyday.  I nap when I need to get some extra sleep and enjoy a  good cup of coffee when no one is around.  I make sure to have date night with my husband and social time with my friends. It’s so important.

Can you share your toughest memory of being a parent so far? My toughest memory of being a parent was when my son turned 5 and fell head first onto the pavement. I had to remain calm and brave despite my weakness with seeing blood everywhere. We went to the emergency room and my son had to get a number of stitches and my heart ached for him. I had to rise above my own fears to be positive and give him support.

 Can you share one of your best experiences of being a parent so far? One of my best experiences being a parent so far is seeing the joy my own mother receives from her grandchildren. I have so much pride in all my kids accomplishments but being able to share that pride with my own mother who feels that same pride too, has been such a source of joy for me.

What’s the most useful baby product you have and why do you love it? The most useful baby product I had was a baby back carrier. Once your baby is old enough and can go on your back, it’s a whole new world having your arms totally free. One of my kids was a constant crier so I would put him on my back and still be able to accomplish a lot. He was calm and quiet on my back and he enjoyed it. I also was able to take my kids on family hikes and adventures this way which was fantastic.

What is a coping strategy that you use that you can share with new parents? One coping strategy that I can’t express enough to other parents is to be very disciplined about your sleep. When you have a new baby you should be taking a nap whenever the baby does. It’s hard to be up all day and then throughout the night as well. It affects your attitude, your patience, your health and your relationships.  So, sleep!  just relax, let other things fly and take that nap, everyday, whenever you can.

If you could go back in time, what would you tell your new parent self?/ What do you wish you knew shen you first became a parent? If I could go back in time, I would tell my new parent self to let others help. I was so anxious about any one holding my baby or trying to calm him down. I felt like I was the only one my baby needed and would respond to. This ended up making me very very tired. I should have not worried so much and let friends and family hold him when I needed a proper long shower, a rest, a bit of time to go out, whatever.  I eventually learned this with each kid more and more.  

Kids are strong and ultimately after any mistakes we’ve made or anything we wished we could have done differently, what they remember the most is that you loved them and that they mean more to you than anything. They are forgiving and love you the most too!


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